Family Therapy in Schaumburg


Family therapy addresses many various types of challenges that happen within the family structure. These concerns are addressed by looking at family dynamics and family systems and working to find a solution that creates a happy home for all. The goal with family therapy is to help family members improve communication, resolve conflict, and create a better functioning home environment for everyone involved.

Situations where Family Therapy Can be Beneficial:

  • Parent and child conflict
  • Adoption
  • Separation of family members
  • Grief and loss
  • Divorce preparation
  • Parenting
  • Blended families
  • Extended family conflict
  • Transition from child to young adult

During family therapy, our therapists in Schaumburg offer a calm setting for family to discuss their individual concerns, while helping each other to understand and communicate with greater ease. We understand the unique challenges that may arise in your family and strive to meet the needs of everyone involved.

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