Family Mediation Services


Family mediation services are straightforward and cost-effective approach to resolving issues quickly and amicably between two parties. The goal is to find an agreeable, sustainable resolution quickly and affordably to minimize the cost of a divorce as well as reducing the emotional damage a long divorce process may cause. This can be effective in child custody and visitation schedules that can be resolved between the parents themselves, decreasing the need for court. Mediation is also helpful “post-decree” to resolve new issues that may arise. Family mediation services near Schaumburg puts the power in YOUR hands – not the hands of a judge.

Advantages of Family Mediation Services:

  • You are directly involved in negotiating your own agreement
  • No settlement can be imposed upon you (as it happens in litigation or arbitration)
  • Conducted in a private setting
  • You are in control of your position during family mediation services

All of our mediators are experienced in conflict resolution and focused on creating a calm and stable environment to discuss important matters that arise from divorce and disputes between two parties. Their sole priority is to ensure both parties are heard and can figure out the best resolution to their concerns.

**All Mediation sessions will be held with specialist Kate Juozaitis.

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