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Family mediation services are straightforward and cost-effective approach to resolving issues quickly and amicably between two parties. The goal is to find an agreeable, sustainable resolution quickly and affordably to minimize the cost of a divorce as well as reducing the emotional damage a long divorce process may cause. This can be effective in child custody and visitation schedules that can be resolved between the parents themselves, decreasing the need for court. Mediation is also helpful “post-decree” to resolve new issues that may arise. Family mediation services near Schaumburg puts the power in YOUR hands – not the hands of a judge.

Advantages of Family Mediation Services:

  • You are directly involved in negotiating your own agreement
  • No settlement can be imposed upon you (as it happens in litigation or arbitration)
  • Conducted in a private setting
  • You are in control of your position during family mediation services

Family mediation services can be availed if a couple is going through a divorce and needs the help of a mediator to settle their financial and co-parenting disputes without conflict. The mediator does not make any decisions but merely allows the couple to reach a resolution by considering both sides of the story and approaching the dispute with a neutral stance.

Let’s explore what you can expect from divorce mediation.

Purpose of a Mediator in Divorce Mediation

Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult, especially if the former couple has not been able to put their differences aside and settle on a fair agreement. Both parties need to have their feelings validated, and a mediator plays a crucial role in facilitating agreements and settling financial disputes which may be causing turmoil.

By employing a neutral approach, the mediator addresses misconceptions and any issues relating to the divorce proceedings and offers ideas that could lead to a win-win solution. The role of the mediator is to ensure that both parties feel heard and to protect the husband or wife from being taken advantage of by each other.

Mediators are a highly popular choice for solving problems between couples, and they are a more affordable option than hiring an attorney to settle disputes.

Why Mediation is Effective

Seeking out family mediation services is highly effective in settling internal disputes between the former husband and wife, and one of the major benefits of mediation is confidentiality.

Mediation is much more affordable than litigation or collaborative divorce and makes it possible to reduce animosity and feelings of contempt between the couple.

The mediator does not take sides and encourages both parties to share their feelings and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Many people choose this route because they are not comfortable with letting the court’s rigid set of rules dictate their fate.

It is the responsible route to take because it protects children from the negative effects of divorce, which can be traumatizing and lead to emotional harm.

Mediation is also possible in cases of domestic abuse and depends on the degree of domestic violence and how comfortable the victim is with the proceedings.

If both people are willing to negotiate and reach a compromise, mediation can be highly effective in reaching a resolution.

The Mediation Route

Divorces can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you cannot reach a compromise between both parties where they agree to take on their share of the responsibility and minimize conflict.

Divorce mediation is incredibly useful for reaching an agreement regarding future financial plans and parenting duties. Get in touch with a family mediation service today and be prepared to reach a resolution in a non-confrontation way.

All of our mediators are experienced in conflict resolution and focused on creating a calm and stable environment to discuss important matters that arise from divorce and disputes between two parties. Their sole priority is to ensure both parties are heard and can figure out the best resolution to their concerns.

**All Mediation sessions will be held with specialist Kate Juozaitis.

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