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Caray Neal is a Licensed Social Worker and a Chicago native. She obtained both her Bachelors and Masters at DePaul University. Caray’s work experience has varied from children, adolescents, and young adults as well as a wide range of service areas, including mental health, substance abuse, trauma, and community engagement. She’s assisted clients in the home, at schools, in inpatient facilities, and in
community agencies.  She has experience in crisis intervention, coping with anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, and PTSD.

Before her experience in individual therapy, Caray offered parental education resources through home visiting as a community-based doula work. She has also worked in in-patient rehab facilities and has a great deal of experience in treatment planning, empathy-based support, and crisis intervention work. 

Through these various work experiences, Caray has learned to work comfortably and effectively in unpredictable circumstances with diverse populations.  She has gained strengths in creative problem solving, thinking outside of the box in developing effective coping strategies, coordinating care, and collaborative relationship building.

Caray’s primary focus is offering BIPOC and members of the LGBTQIA+ community therapy services focused on healing from trauma and personal difficulties.  As a black woman access to inclusive therapy has always been a passion of hers.  From personal experience, finding therapy that offered services focused on race, gender, sexuality, and able identities was very difficult for her. Many people have trouble finding a holistic therapist that attempts to understand them while working with them on their own journey to heal.  Offering therapy services through this intersectional lens and coming from a place of inclusiveness and empathy is important and personal to her. Caray hopes to bridge the gap and offer those in that same search the inclusive therapeutic experience needed to heal trauma and get closer to peace while molding the life that they deserve and desire.

Caray ’ s work is heavily rooted in establishing a better understanding of thoughts and behavioral patterns that may have been rooted in previous trauma. She believes that a trauma-informed perspective can be used to explore patterns of thinking, behaviors, and life events that are impacting your growth and help in changing directions. 

Outside of work she enjoys doing yoga, biking, friends, and family. She is a good-natured person who enjoys life and laughter.  

I hope to bring some joy to you while building a meaningful relationship that is focused on connection and mutual respect. I look forward to meeting with you and offering insight on your journey to heal. 

Caray Neal
Bachelors and Masters – DePaul University
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