Children’s Emotions Summer Program

Children's Emotions SUMMER Program

July 13 - August 3rd

Understand and Identify feelings

Focus will be on identifying and describing feelings (what they look like to others, how they feel in ourself, learn lots of words that define our feelings). Discuss that feelings can change and we can let our feelings settle before we react.

Coping skills/
I statements

Develop ways to self regulate and when to intervene on their own behaviors/thoughts. Empowering them to be in control of themselves as well as the outcomes with regards to their feelings.

Strategies for controlling feelings

Recognizing their negative behavior/thought patterns and the common causes as well as how those impact on others.


Building on the skills and knowledge that they learned and how to practice back at home, school or public.


Each Wednesday night at 6pm our group will learn about feelings, coping skills and strategies, and practicing communication. This 4 week emotions program is $80 per child. Please contact us today for registration, or questions.